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I’ve been away for a while. I had to take time off and re-think the whole conception of my travel baby, my Out-Bubbled. Turned out where I wanted to head to 3 years ago was something that was not aligning with my personal, now a bit changed values. I guess this is just a transformation that every traveler has to go through once. Everyone hits a point when he or she wakes up and is like ‘Wait? Is it really what I wanted to do? Do I really want to tell this travel story to the world?’

It just turns out that you get lost in this hurricane of trips. A new city every weekend. Non-stop counting of countries. This year, 10 new ones. Next year, 14 new ones. 17 new ones. It keeps growing. The countries never end. The city never ends. More and more memories. More and more destinations.

2020 was shocking for all of us

We were shaken not once. Not twice. We were shaken every single day. Some got uncoupled. Or got coupled. Some got heart-broken. Depressed. Others became the happiest. Others became parents. Found the love. Built a house. Founded a business. Created a brand. Bought a boat. Learned a new sport. Read that book. Or wrote that book. But everyone got shaken up. And this shake transformed us. In a good sense as we became wiser again. Stronger and more self-aware.

I was not an exception.

I felt a bit disconnected from my travel blog as the summer in Spain started. So many distractions around. So many temptations. And yet this year closed a lot of borders for us and families were left un-reunited. It was shocking and challenging for all of us.

I asked myself what kind of values I want my blog to have. What topics shall I raise? What problems shall I discuss in a New Normal? What kind of traveler shall I become? And how shall I even travel since it is forbidden for most of the countries and cities? How can I be that one who always hitchhikes? Who is always on a road? Who is always somewhere connecting to others, smiling, jumping, Couchsurfing, living on a tight budget, and keeping creating the adventures?

beaches Menorca


And I understood, I want to bring deeper values here to you.

I want to talk about Traveling which impacts and changes you and the World. And I want to stop counting the number of cities visited this month but the number of souls that I managed to touch in all those visited cities.

But let’s leave all that deep philosophy behind and let me explain to you what I really mean.


1. Not quantity, but quality!

It doesn’t mean I don’t want to travel as often as I used to. I do! Cause this is when I feel the most alive. However, I want to have longer trips wherever I go to. I used to travel in a way 3-countries-in-3-days or how-to-visit-10-cute-cities-in-2-days. What I was missing is the goal of this kind of marathon across the globe. Cause the goal was not correct. It’s not anymore about how many cities I will be able to check yet not being able to remember even their names. I want to keep traveling but stay there and get that city and understand the region and see the most hidden places. And will get closer to nature and to the traditions. Maybe it will take me 3 days, or one week, or one month but I want to be sure I will feel connected.

So fewer trips, but longer trips.

2. Eco Bio Nature.

This one is a tricky one. I know there are people who hate big cities and love jungles and waterfalls. There are those who get bored in wildness and need a chaotic subway and a highway to feel present. I would place myself somewhere in the middle. I am still not there to sell all my belongings and move to the mountains and have a chicken farm. Yet I am not the one who needs a constant dose of busy life in a megapolis. I want to have a beautiful mix of everything. I want to open new cities but the very next day rush to the mountains and snowboard the hills, dive in the ocean and disconnect.

It’s tricky because it’s more difficult. To get to the wildness you need to plan your trip properly, prepare your clothes, food, logistics. Get a car. Get people (I have a strong habit of getting lost when I’m by myself). But even if it a bit tougher, doesn’t mean it’s not doable. So yea, from now on you will see a bit more nature adventure here

Menorca cala

3. Promote more eco-friendly brands and travel businesses.

Those who know me in person, definitely know that I’m super concerned about all that shit going on with the planet. Global warming. Green-House effect. Ie melting. Illegal hunting. Animals torturing. Plastic. Polluted oceans. Lack of recycling.Knowledge. Empathy.

As humankind, we’ve fallen too low. But as individuals, we still got a chance. That’s why my decision was to cut meat consumption to almost zero. Separate trash always. Only reusable plastic. Always pick up trash on a beach or in the water when I see it and throw it into the rubbish bin. It’s not a lot. But it’s something.

So I want to promote this kind of lifestyle more on my travel website. And I want to connect more with brands that don’t hurt nature. And I want to try more eco-friendly products, I want to try more vegetarian and vegan meals. And to be really supportive of all the initiatives that clean and sustain nature.

So if you work for one of those brands, or you are. founder of one of those brands –  let me know and I would love to interview you on Travel Out-Bubbled Podcast and make some projects with you!

4. Connect more with local start-uppers and small travel brands.

Yea, just to add, I want to continue connecting with those who dream and hustle. Who build, create, and change. There are dozens of start-ups and small businesses founded by the young generation in every city, so my idea is to interview them on my Podcast, write a blog post about them and support them raising more awareness and spreading their word.

5. Give more of the inside travel tips for the young generation on saving money and traveling on a low budget.

I reckon the majority of young people believe traveling is a luxury and they need to save money for months, if not for years, to be able to afford a trip to Disneyland, or go snowboarding to the Alps or learn surfing in Brazil and dance all night on the tropical Canary Islands. As they have been raised with this mentality and believes that holidays are a reward for hard-working days in a corporation, that backpacking does not worth it, that non-stop traveling is possible only if you have a partner, a parent, someone who sponsors you, you can’t afford relocation to a dream country, you can’t afford working from an exotic island, and you can’t, you can’t, you can’t. So that’s my mission to show you how you INDEED CAN travel 365 days per year.

6. Talk more about camping, eco-friendly hostels, sustainable hotels for travelers.

This is another new chapter in my Out-Bubbled Blog, from now on, we will discuss more camping sites, eco-friendly hostels, co-working spaces, places that use renewable energy, places that inspire travelers and welcome their pets. Till now, I have been always more focused on promoting Couchsurfing and Hitchhiking, while I’m still a huge fan of them, I want to bring something new here. I do understand that there are those of you who appreciate personal space and privacy way more than I, and you would prefer to go on a camping or caravan trip rather than hop from one couch to another. That’s why I am starting this new chapter for you, people!

7. Teach you more about how to be a good hitchhiker and a couchsurfer.

But I wouldn’t be me if I had to forget bout my wildest part of me – hitchhiker and couchsurfer. This is something that, I believe, every single soul has to try at least once in a lifetime as this might open a limitless kindness in you and the ability to literally go with that flow. Even on my toughest hitchhiking trips I kept my positive and hopes high, and here I am, still alive, still happy. So in order to prepare you for this kind of trip, I will be providing even more tips and tricks about these adventures.

But start with checking out these posts about the basics of hitchhiking and couchsurfing. And also my book about my longest hitchhike around Balkan countries.

8. Give you more tips and tricks on maintaining a healthy lifestyle when traveling or moving abroad.

If you follow me on Instagram or met me in a real life you know how much I enjoy every single activity that raises the heartbeat. Everything from just walking and hiking to rock climbing, kite surfing, and freestyle rollerblading. And I believe this is a crucial part of traveling and moving to new countries – you have to keep your life active and healthy.

Yet non-stop traveling makes it exhausting having consistent workouts when in reality you don’t even have time to sleep and eat properly. But the more I traveled, the better I understood the importance of just keeping it active and keeping it fit. You don’t need to look for a gym in every new city, yet you can just have a morning run or an evening beach workout with your trainer online. Everything is doable. That’s why I will be here for you to share my tips and tricks about that!

sup in Barcelona

9. Bring you more unique ideas about traveling, backpacking, and volunteering.

And I want you to become as Out-Bubbled as possible. I want you to try new things, to help others, to become a volunteer, to open up, to smile more, to live more, and to be even more grateful for what you have in your life. So I will share more tricks on how to choose a good volunteering program, on how to backpack to remote places, and how to ask for help from some local businesses so as to stay and experience another lifestyle.

10. Share more stories from my trips on my Podcast and on my IG.

Though I’ve been really active on Instagram recently, I have stopped sharing as much Podcast content with you as I used to before. Time to fix it.

I have already created saved insights on my Instagram account with all the InstaStories from my trips so you can always go and see all my hitchhiking and couchsurfing experiences there – @Travel_Out_Bubbled.



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