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We live in the best era our ancestors could never even dream about. And yes, with all the chaos going around, and Coronavirus continue conquering the globe, we are way more possibilities to develop ourselves and enjoy the art that normally would cost us a fortune.

Museums and arthouses have opened their virtual doors to the public all around the globe for FREE! Now we can sit on our couch with pop-corn and tour museums for free during the quarantine.

So where are you traveling this weekend to enjoy some art or nature?


The British Museum, London

A place that reflects the entire history of the human race! Moreover, Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures, and Egyptian mummies are just right here on your laptop or your phone!

You will have to download an app Google Arts so to be able to view 3D images.

The Cliffs of Mother, Ireland

I guess for those who require a visa to go to Ireland or the UK, that is a unique opportunity to virtually walk along those cliffs under the sun and see an amazing landscape of the islands. Yet, it doesn’t really cancel my plans to visit Ireland but brings me closer to this stunning country!

A bit more of National Parks of the USA for Free – Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park

Once you enter a website, there is a guide narrating a story of Hawaii volcanos and deep legends of every cave and every park. Even if you are thousands of kilometers away from this tiny island in the Pacific, it is worth diving into its nature while on quarantine, plus it’s all for free.

You can also virtually visit:

If you are an animal lover or just stuck in the big city and missing a breath of nature…

Monterey Bay Aquarium

…Is bringing the wildlife closer to us with its webcams installs in the aquariums and animal pools. You can watch sharks, jellyfish, and penguins while locked in your house.

Coral Reef Virtual Swim

I can stare at these fish and corals even when not quarantined! Take a look at the biggest coral reef in the world!

113 more national parks and museums across North America

Have enabled 3D walks via Google Art & Culture. Everything from Grand Canyon to Yellowstone Park.

national parks


Also, don’t forget about my tips on how not to die from boredom at home!

Louvre, Paris

This legendary art museum would never forget about its fans. Now we all have access to 4 chapters of the Louvre. I guess it’s not so bad to visit these art museums for free during the quarantine.

Ukraine WOW, Kyiv

Alternative Modern Museum that tells a virtual story of Ukraine from a perspective of railways.

It became the most visited exhibition during the times of independent Ukraine and opened my country from a bit different perspective. And maybe I’m biased, but it’s really good and engaging!

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

The museum in the heart of art and self-expression has posted all the paintings of Van Gogh with a function of a big zoom. Now you can analyze and explore all Van’s masterpieces from your quarantine couch without paying a cent for it.

Vienna Opera

One of the most world-famous operas has just announced that they will not stop playing the concerts online on a daily basis. Maybe it can be an idea for your romantic evening with a glass of red wine?

visit museum fo free

Metropolitan Opera, New York

The Opera is opening its doors for free to all the opera lovers. Here I have linked its daily schedule, and after registering on the website you can watch streams for free.

The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

That’s a pretty good solution for you if you have been dreaming of visiting Moscow, yet you need a visa and it is pretty far from your home. Some Russian arthouses have posted their best masterpieces online!

Prado Museum, Madrid

Fashion would not be fashion if it never followed the trends. Now Prado Museum is virtually opened during quarantine as well.

MoMA, New York

An outstanding museum of modern art in New York now has over 82K works available online. All you need for these gloomy days at home – a blanket, slow music, and some artworks on your laptop.

National Museum, Krakow

Polish cities are also launching virtual tours around their museums on Google Apps. If you are curious about mysterious Slavik Cultures, you ill definitely like this one.

The State Hermitage Museum, Sant Petersburg

That must be a dream coming true – every room of the Hermitage Museum is not also online for FREE!


Enjoy it and let me know if you have more tips for having good time and explore museums for free during quarantine!

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