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co-working spaces in krakow

So, if you follow my Instagram, you probably know how much I enjoy the freedom and the joy of working whenever and wherever you like to. After working in a huge multinational company named Shell and being imprisoned 9-5, I understood how life might suck if you end up in a place that doesn’t motivate you to create and do the work you truly love. I have walked my tough way till I got to the point when I understood I want to be able to create wherever I travel to. And that is how I dove in the world of co-working places.

I was a student. A broke one. Who was desperately trying to save up for new plane tickets and Brazilian mangos at the grocery store nearby the dormitory. That is how I found FREE co-working places in Krakow to sit and write the first pages of my blog. That is where I lightened up my creative.

co-work in krakow

So, guys, catch the list of FREE co-working spaces in Krakow with pretty impressing design and super chill people all around.


That was my first ever co-working place. It is part of Idea Bank and you kinda suppose to have a bank account there. I remember how I was sneaking in without any accounts and would just ask people to share their wifi access code with me. People were always eager to help me so I succeeded to work there for 3 months until I understood that the bank account is for free for the students.

So from that moment, I became a legal user. So better get your free account and enjoy FREE coffee, FREE cookies, FREE printer, and what more – amazing location, just 3 min walk from Wawel Castel.

idea hub co-working


Thanks to this co-working place in Krakow, I passed my exams. And not because it is quiet and adorable, but because it is full of pillows, soft floor, and dark corners where I would take a nap after 8 am classes. Arteteka is basically a modern library with computers that even have installed Photoshop and Videomaking tools.

The only complication is you have to purchase a membership card that costs 1-2€. And here you go, FREE wifi, FREE computers, iPads, and tons of board games.

arteteka krakow


Or how foreigners would translate ‘Between the cities’. As I have already mentioned in the post about the cheapest places to grab a coffee in Krakow, this cafe is an ideal place to start your day with 1zl coffee and create something unique while having awesome views of hipster Krakow. I don’t even want to think how many coffees were drunk by me during the exam preparation but it totally worthed it!


One of the places where I want to bring my laptop and never leave it again. I am totally obsessed with loft design and good vibrating music that becomes part of your morning routine. Here you simply buy a 2-3€ coffee and get breakfast for free.

So you basically spend a day having awesome organic food, flat white, and completing your new projects just in the middle of the city.

What more, this place attracts like-minded people so it’s a way to network and meet your future friends.

orzo working place

Co-working in Bronowice Mall

If you can resist all the fashion boutiques and huge Auchan just next to you, then it is a FREE place for you to make things happen. And I am really glad shopping malls are not only interested in taking your money but also want to encourage you to make money. Hopefully, it won’t be the last co-working space in a shopping mall.

remote worker

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