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At that day we started feeling exhausted. Every night that was shorter than 6 hours, every extra kilometer with a backpack and one more fully consumed marker that ended up in the rubbish bin till the end of the day was slowly but unhesitatingly taking our energy away. Now, sitting in Poland in three sweaters with a cup of tea, I ask myself where we found more energy to get up so early, eat some stale cookies and continue our way towards the sea.

hitchhiking in montenegro

hitchhiking to bar

backpacking in montenegroWe reached Montenegro and finally

I saw what I was promised – a miracle.

High black mountains, dense green forests and warm sea that hosted an endless amount of ships. Bar was the first city where we unpacked our backpacks, drank cold coffee and swam till our skin got covered with three layers of salt. The season had ended before our arrival and we could walk empty streets, see lonely fishermen, join bored waiters and enjoy lying on hot stones.

The day was beautiful.

montenegro beaches

beautiful ports in montenegroThree hours later I got a message from a Ukrainian woman in Budva who was willing to host us for one night. OMG, hot shower and a bottle of wine were waiting for us, but that also meant no rest until we get to Budva.
Two young Serbians gave us a beautiful ride along the coast. If you ever experienced the feeling when you stop believing your eyes, that was that exact moment. The landscape of Montenegro was ridiculously wonderful. Tunnels, cliffs, wild bays, small villages, fast roads. I won’t describe indescribable beauty.

backpacking in europe

hitchhiking in balkans

roadtrip in montenegroWe bought a watermelon and enjoyed last sun rays waiting for the Ukrainian lady. The day ended with new stories, Montenegrian wine, some cheese slices, and long talks. Lucy knew what our souls desired the most. Hope everyone will have the same CS experience as we did that night.

Budva or Welcome to Russia

The city was flourishing with tourists from Eastern Europe who rented and bought this and that from Russian citizens. I tried really hard to find anyone speaking the local language. Unfortunately, Russian-speaking people conquered the city and rooted deeply. Was it good or bad? I assume the government and economy of the country are happy and rich as never before. The thing is, Budva is losing the heart. All signboards in Montenegrin language were replaced with Russian titles. Every seller knows how to convince a lazy Russian tourist to take his fishing tour or how to shove him a corn cob. I strongly doubt that Easterns will be able to maintain the culture of the Black Mountains. The nearest future will dispel doubts.

Budva views

budva city

bar montenegro

budva views

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