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couchsurfing in germany


Jumping from the bridge to the river and riding the motorbike on the island – just a normal weekend break in Germany

I guess I have stopped traveling for sightseeing points, cathedrals, and narrow streets because Konstanz is definitely the place I was discovering the least. I did explore the life there, met random people, chilled on the beach, at the port and enjoyed the motorcycle rides across the island. At the end of the day, that’s what counts – our memories created by strangers and friends, not the idea of architecture, restaurants and, a new cup of flat white.

As you know from the previous post – I successfully arrived back in Germany without a passport.

Lucky me, there was no border control on that train

When I stepped out of the railway station, the heat of the summer stroke me. I definitely needed a beach. The port is quite small but still cute. Lots of amazing street musicians enchant tourists with their perfect voices. Lakeside coffee shops and restaurants share a unique view of the lake with the sun slowly dropping down. Obersee is as crystal as Zurichsee and has become a popular place for Westerns to rent a boat, or villa, or have a weekend break with the family. 

where to swim in konstanz

life in konstanz

I walked almost 5 km so to get to the beach that didn’t exist

The lakeside on Seestrasse is really charming but the beach is covered with rocks making it so painful and slippery to get into the water. Nevertheless, some were enjoying it to the fullest. I just watched the sun getting up in the warm morning.

holidays in konstanzLater, I decided to explore the Rhine River that must be as clean as the lake and got to the student beach next to the Bike Bridge (Fahrradbrücke). Konstanz has everything dedicated to bike culture – bike street, bike bridge, bike park, machines counting the number of bikes ridden by. The riverside located in the park was a place for people to chill after the uni classes, play guitar, have a good lunch, and jump from the bridge! Exactly from 15 m high bridge directly into the wild river full of fish, sea plants, and transparent water. I did! Should admit it was a scary moment as I had no one to persuade me that it was safe enough but seeing teenagers going crazy jumping every 5 min made me make a step.

A really nice combo of emotions!

swimming in the river in konstanzIn the evening I met my host who turned out to be the most charming person I met on that trip

Born and raised in Nuremberg, he became an architect in Konstanz and lived in the house he designed by himself. It was a two-floor apartment with a vintage fridge, a suitcase converted into the table, a big globe, and an old stereo system taken from his hometown. With the view of the calm street, the apartment was an ideal place for travelers to have a couple of drinks and enjoy the dinner.

Simon proposed to go to watch the sunset on the island of Reichenau. With a short stop at Wollmatinger Ried – plantations of grapes, salad, lettuce and all other crops that opens a perfect view to Untersee, Gnadensee, and Switzerland,  we took a motorcycle to get to a peaceful restaurant next to the water (West coast of the island). There are not enough words to describe how much I enjoyed the simple talks about our lives and hopes for the future.

couchsurfing in konstanz

best views in konstanzLater in the evening, we cooked Tai food with an addition of coconut milk, nuts, and lemongrass.

Simon is definitely an amazing cook! I just wish our meeting didn’t end up that fast and we didn’t say goodbye the next morning.

My time in Southern Germany got to an end. And it was time to pack the backpack and head back home. As much as I love the train connections in Germany, sometimes they are really too creative and make up crazy routs. For instance, Konstanz – Stuttgart is only 170 km but DB offers you 3.5 hour of trains for this. Insane. So I decided to hitchhike.

hitchiking in germanyFOR THE HITCHHIKERS:

[ I picked up a Reichenausstrasse – next to the airport and Riedstrasse. Not an ideal option due to the lack of any legal place to stop. But once I got there I saw two girls at the same place hitchhiking. It took them only some minutes ]

It took me 7 minutes and a German scientist picked me up. She brought me to Tuttlingen where I caught a regional train to Stuttgart.Way faster, way more interesting.

Get the best tips on hitchhiking in Europe!

Now time to plan my trip to France and Belgium that I am starting tomorrow! See you!

konstanz lake

konstanz, germany

where to eat in konstanz

life in konstanz

coffee shops in konstanz

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