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Let me tell you the story of making friends in Croatia and surviving in Bosnia!

I have never seen more transparent and cleaner water than in Makarska.

The seaside is incredible offering a lot of space for sunbathing under the pine-trees. The city managed to combine the coniferous forest, cacti, mountains and salty sea. Now I get why people advised us to start our trip from Montenegro and move towards the North. Otherwise, we would have been so disappointed with the seaside nature of the South.

makarska in summer

sea in makarska

tourism in makarska

Makarska is a small city with a lot of touristic points starting from different restaurants with pizzas, sushi or grilled fish ending with beautiful spots for a family picnic. I fell in love again. I have to bring my family there and share the emotions I got once I listened to evening rock sung on the streets and watching kayaking during the sunset.

travel to makarska

view of makarskaThe next day brought us new friends on our way to Split.

An Australian driver helped us to get there and shared so many stories about his road trips through Australia. The man used to spend days and weeks in his car bringing tourist from airports, cities, parks or seas. He found the love that brought children to him. Today he doesn’t believe in marriages, only in pure feelings and adventures.

hitchhiking in montenegroSplit welcomed us with heavy rain and gloomy sky. Funny but we were glad to relax a little bit at home of our host and listen more to his beautiful stories. Pritz is an English who decided to start exploring the Earth and since then has already lived and visited most European countries, making friends everywhere and collecting memories that might be told to his own kids one day.

To say that I found a soulmate is to say nothing.

I felt as we knew each other for years and years and finally met in the middle of Balkans in rainy weather. We walked, we talked, we fought, we laughed, we ran, we joked, we cooked and watched movies. Oh, man, such luck to meet you!

couchsurfing in croatia

In the morning, I got a message from a German girl who was doing her EVS in Split and was eager to meet us after she had seen my post.  The girl was wondering how to plan a hitchhiking trip as she was about to start her own. After sharing some secrets and tips we shared a bottle of wine and enjoyed the evening talking and talking while the rain was flooding the city.

split in summer

split view

swimming in split

Two days later, we were conquering highways, villages, and woods from Split to Tuzla.

We started the early morning and at 9 am we were asking all drivers at the petrol station out of Split. Such misfortune, it was raining, it was cold and everyone was escaping from such weather going to Zagreb or to the South. After one hour two men agreed to drive us towards the border. They invited us for a coffee and shared some more tips about getting to Bosnia. The weather seemed to be better, and roads seemed to be even more empty. 12 am and we still were in Croatia. We decided to walk. 9 km to the border through hills and rain.

hitchhiking in Bosnia

hitchhiking in croatiaI was so close to stopping believing in humankind.

Luckily, a car stop. A father and his son were traveling to Travnik, a small town that was situated not far away from Tuzla. Five hours later and the same problem. We changed 4 cars till we ended in a town 30km from the destination. Our last driver Kemal turned to be our rescuer and helped us to get a bus to Tuzla.

road trip in bosnia

travel to bosniaHowever, before we understood that we had met a good guy we had experienced huge fear when he turned into the woods explaining to us that he had to see his friend for 5 min.

8 pm, woods, darkness, two tired girls.

Just try to imagine what thoughts we had. I was already planning our escape from the car. All in all, Kemal told the truth. He was the nicest driver we met during the trip. He took care of us as we were his sisters. He brought us to the bus station, bought coffee,  and wished luck! Thank you, man!

The night was spent at the beautiful bus station of Tuzla and some hours later we were enjoying the flight to Berlin.

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