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I have never told the story of a very beginning. How my adventures started, how I bought my first cheap tickets, planned a trip and how I got lost for the first time. I have mentioned my first days as being out-bubbled when I started my blog. However, most of you don’t know that the first adult trip was to Berlin. It was two years ago when walking 20 km per was a challenge and sleeping at the airport equaled to something extraordinary. After two years I came back to Berlin to visit old friends and walk through the districts where the story started.

Now, Berlin looks completely different. Or am I just completely different?

Back to that time, everything was huge, magnificent and strange. I spent a day with a new friend who I met during BlaBlaCar ride from Kyiv to Krakow. Slava was a founder of a fashion boutique and a clothes designer. With an attitude of an artist, Maria and I had a chance to visit not one museum with Slava and walk to sightseeing points under the snowfall.

sightseeing in Berin

museums of berlinTwo years past, and I came to the same shop, knocked and met her. Today Slava travels all over Europe providing classes of Business Strategy and Planning for corporations and is about to start her own new business – creative atelier. Oh, I wish you much luck, girl!

crerate in berlin

berlin businessCoffee and chocolate. Two years ago we were sitting in her store drinking dark good espresso drying our clothes.

Today I got shelter at the same place during the rain and good espresso. Something remains the same.

I was lucky enough to be hosted by a Polish family who travels the world with their three little kids blogging about the adventures. The family shared all bright recalls from the trip through South America. Served one of the most delicious salads I ever tried – mango, some salad leaves, beans with some more unknown ingredients for me. The warmth of their home made me want to create my own family as soon as possible. Just to teach kids about all nations not from the books but from the experience.

berlin graffitiThe day ended with a long walk with my High school friend Iren who visited Berlin at the same time. She spent a month with her French friend and got to know Berlin quite well. Thanks to the girls I opened new Berlin for me – full of hipsters, underground cafes, graffiti streets, and bars that except any weirdness of you. Wine (isn’t it a tradition already?), the view of a city that has such a bright story and two friends.

Thank you, girls, for being there for me!

creative berlin

eastern berlin

visit belrin for artOh, completely forgot!

You have to take a walk through an old, beautiful district of Spandau. I got a feeling that only old people live there. At the day I visited it, there was a street market selling all fresh vegetables and fruits you might wanna try. All traders were offering to take a bite of an apple, grapes or a peach. Pretty good snacks J Spandau is like a small town inside Berlin and reminds a quite, beautiful, typical village somewhere in Germany or Poland.

vegan life in berlin

spandau berlinThe next morning started with hitchhiking back home – to Krakow. I would never think that it might take me 12 hours and I would end up in Poznan. Thanks to five cars, many people and hours of conversations I got to my city at 10 pm. Despite the long road I met fantastic people who shared their own histories, showed the photos of children, explained how much they miss families, ordered a pizza, turned the music to the max and fully happy I enjoyed the sunset somewhere in Poland.

The location didn’t even matter.

hitchhiking in poland

Many thanks to all men who helped me that day!

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