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As much as love traveling spontaneously, standing on the road believing in human beings, writing thousands of requests to the hosts and praying for the good weather, but sometimes we all need a feeling of the world of “normal” people. This trip was exactly the one I haven’t done for more than two years. I would say I really missed the feeling of security and confidence that you get somewhere on time totally happy, dry and warm.

best of Salzburg

Salzburg viewsFriday looked exactly like that if not taking into consideration that a bomb was found on a railway track and our train was stopped. The local police organized everything pretty quickly and provided us with a bus to the next village where we could take a train to Austria.

So Salzburg! The feeling that you get to end up in a new country the same day and have a good dinner with a good Austrian wine is just indescribable

Some spinach ravioli with some cheese souse and a long walk back to our hotel made me so sleepy and happy.

a weekend in Salzburg

food of salzburg

what to see in salzburgThe next day I and my friend devoted to exploring the city to the fullest. Despite the bad weather and 10 degrees of warmth, we were warming up with walking kilometers to the castle, monasteries. We did a hike through a little national park that was located in the heart of Salzburg. In the evening Temi’s friend from Vienna arrived and we shared a good traditional Austrian dinner together. I loved the atmosphere people managed to create thanks to Mozart, marzipan and old traditions of cooking a good piece of schnitzel.

view of salzburg

salzburg in a day

the castle of salzburgHowever, I have to say that Salzburg is a pretty good city located just in the middle of cliffs, with fluffy clouds that become burning red during the sunset and a lot of lakes around the city. The architecture was not impressive for me but rather simple and clean. All the buildings were white or grey and the castle up on the hill was a good decoration for the whole Mozart city.

I just wish we could visit some lakes nearby but the whole winter is ahead of us!

where to go in salzburg

best places in salzburg

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