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A capital of Scandinavia country and a jazz center of all lost souls – Copenhagen is a place to brighten up your days. Even those rainy ones spent in Denmark will create amazing memories.

1. Gimme more Jazz!

If you think Scandinavia is boring and calm, wait till you come to Copenhagen. It seems like the city is sinking in the jazz vibes, poetry, and love.

Christiania Jazz Club: Children’s Theatre  – was the first one I got to. And, people, it was a complete miracle: the club is in the heart of the Christiania, known for its love for cannabis. I attended the jam session where the local random people were jumping on the scene to show off the skills, while others were slowly smoking joints on sofas, floor, tables.

La Fontaine – was my second stop and literally knocked me down with the loud jazz, laugh, and people applauding. It is a small hidden bar that gathers young jazz talents and professionals musicians on their way home.

Jazzhus Montmatre – a jazz house in the center of Copenhagen and hosts an endless amount of concerts. What is interesting is that the place is run on non-profit basics so all the money spent there go on food, beverages, and cultural development.

Will leave a map for you with the nicest jazz places in Copenhagen so just click here!

2. Freedom of thoughts!

That is a place that welcomes all minorities, all races, and all the religions. Every third person in Copenhagen has foreign roots and speaks more than one language. Though, you won’t meet a person who can’t speak English fluently. So you will make friends easily.

Just to add, Denmark was the first ever country to grant legal recognition to same-sex unions. And it is been already almost 90 years since the same-sex sexual activity was legalized! Just imagine! 90 YEARS! And so many countries just about to start this path.

So the city sings about love and freedom on every street. Colorful LGTB flags, parades, events, flowers, and graffitis make the city to break the boring stereotypes about Scandinavia.

3. Freetown Christiania

“Now you are exiting the EU and entering Freetown Christiania” – this sign welcomes you to one of the Copenhagen districts. The place where cannabis is free to flow. If you are like me from one of the post-soviet countries, where legalization of cannabis sounds like a nightmare, you will be pretty shocked to see the free drug selling. There are multiple coffee shops and vegan bars to promote the eco-friendly way of living.


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Chasing the rainbow around Christiania! And just ran into weed market and jazz clubs!♥️

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4. Let me find you a sailor!

The Copenhagen port Nyhavn is just a way too beautiful to describe it. Take your beloved on a nice dinner next to Nyhavn and feel the power of the sea. That is the place where real Copenhagen starts: dozens of restaurants, small fast-food corners, pizza points, wine bars, music clubs, and jazz centers. Damn, only thoughts about it make me go back.

5. Eco-Copenhagen

Bikes, bikes, e-scooters. I truly have no clue how the Danish can ride the bikes during such wind, cold and sea breeze, but they do. Moreover, everyone does. If you don’t have a bike with you, you just look weird. Some locals even have more than one bike. You gotta have one with a white cute basket, one black sporty one so you can compete with guys, one yellow bright one, not too fancy, to go grocery shopping, and one e-bike. Yes!

So don’t be “a weird one” and rent a bike for less than 5€ and just move from one jazz club to another wine bar.


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6. This Scandinavian architecture turns me on!

Those who follow me on Instagram definitely know my two weaknesses – Spanish culture and Scandinavia architecture. I fall for it once I moved to Hamburg, but going to Denmark was a new dose of endorphins.

Rural areas cherish their tiny cute houses, while the capital is painted in cold Nordic colors. With a minimalistic note, all the streets are clean, the windows are tall, the gardens are wide, the doors are wooden, the walls are stony. You just dive in the vibe of calmness, easiness, and balance. Is that what they mean talking about the happiest country in the world Denmark?


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Scandinavian country to my list! Off to exploring ♥️

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