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 Avoid the waterfalls in Cyprus –

enjoy the port city of Paphos

And finally, we both got a day off. We put books, reports, and notebooks aside and went on a road trip exploring the lovely areas of the island. The day was pretty pleasant and was promising lots of sun and light breeze from the sea.

Based on all recommendations from best friend Google, we chose to visit the most popular waterfall located one hour drive from Limassol and later explored the famous city of Paphos.

cyprus waterfalls

Never been more disappointed

Firstly, the entrance to the small waterfall area costs 5 euros and it must give you the first hints. If someone charges you a pretty big amount of money, means that you pay for the work done there. Logically thinking it might be artificial then. I have never seen anyone charging tourists in Norway, in Brazil, in Poland for visiting the natural creation. Why should they? It belongs to the Mother-Nature and our duty is don’t touch it. So unlike Cypriot spot. The way lying through a fake river and trees was so human-made, so the only reaction I had when I saw the “waterfall” was the laugh! As one of the locals said ‘there must be someone peeing up there, cause somehow there is still a thin stream of water.

Indeed, if you pay attention, you will notice that the spring of the natural miracle is nothing else but a hose. Sad

waterfalls limassol

However, must admit the marketing on the island works perfectly.

If you google Caledonia Waterfall, photos will be pretty cute.

There are also some advantages of going for a trip to the mountain area – you will notice a small old sign saying Free Wine Degustation. Don’t even hesitate and drive there right away. One of them is owned by a family. They have been running a wine business for decades and came up with new recipes for wines. An owner will tell you the stories behind each kind of wine, explain the production and finally will give to taste any holy drink you wish. Smoke wine, or 10-year-old red wine, or rose one that has special secrets, or unique high-percentage national drink made out of grapes are just there for you!

wine of cyprus

Try not to get drunk as these serpentine roads back home are quite challenging

Later on, we got the city of Paphos! What a nice seacoast. So many seafood restaurants, small bars with good music, a castle just next to the sea and a perfect pathway to walk during the sunset hours. There was an amazing Pelican restaurant with a real bird walking between the tables. I feel so sorry for a poor pelican as everyone wanted to touch him ( I wasn’t an exception).

paphos cyprus

weekend in paphos

I would really recommend you to stop by an ice-cream shop just by the sea, as well as by the restaurants offering traditional meals.

You won’t regret!

what to eat in cyprus

cyprus view

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