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A place that might not be known all around the world, but attracts thousands of Europeans to its beaches, wild nightlife, and stunning culture. The culture that mixes immigrants from all over the world, hardworking locals, teenagers and students ordering one more margarita. Malta got a pinch of Greece, of Italy, of Turkey, of Cyprus, and of course of the UK. So the best way to discover its hidden secrets is to hit the road!

I never put Malta on my bucket list but rather was spontaneously looking for a get-away. And here I come. To this sunny paradise just 500 km from the African continent and 200 km to Italy.

And yes, as always, I chose Couchsurfing as a way to get to know the island better.

And guys, the host, Indian traveler, took us on a road trip all over Malta. He was nothing else but a friend of most restaurants, cafes, clubs owners. So lucky us, we could join him to the most stunning places and try the most overwhelming cocktails.

So this is one of the best routes on the island that can be easily made in one day!

  1. Interestingly, there is no precise division between the cities. Valletta slowly becomes Floriana. St. Julian’s – the center of parties is an extension of Silema that opens an amazing view of the capital.
  2. Buses connect the island pretty wisely, but it will take you twice more time to get anywhere.
  3. Use free Tallinja app to get around on your own: Google Play and App Store
  4. Traffic jams are a popular thing here – so plan your route properly!


Valletta – capital with cozy cafeterias and historical spots from II World War period.

Sengla and Birgu open up an amazing view of Valletta and the stunning port is a good spot to go for a walk.

Malta Film Studio and the Pirates of the Caribbean boat – how can you miss it?

Smart City – is a newly built modern place with a nice restaurant-bar next to the beach. It can be a good place to grab lunch.

Marsaxlokk – we spent our afternoon chilling in the local restaurant with a view over the port. The place has a wide range of bars for every kind of pocket.

Blue Grotto – I am pretty sure you have seen postcards with this natural miracle. You can not skip it!

Mdina – the formal capital of Malta with antique architecture and sunny places to grab a coffee or ice-cream.

St. Julian’s – you can’t end your day anywhere else but here. Vegas of Europe – casinos, money, strip clubs, pop clubs and tons of disco-bars, small fast-food tracks and people speaking all languages.

Popeye Village

As last day promised to be sunny and pleasant as well, we chose to get a bus to Mellieha Bay and later walk to a famous Popeye Village. It will take you up to 20 min to get to the Instagramable spot and later you can enjoy a good lemonade in La Barca Restaurant just on the beach.

Popeye Village

Blue Grotto Malta

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