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The city of endless sunsets – Limassol

Okay, finally I want to admit one of my weaknesses: I am so tired of falling in love with new cities

Some may think it is a perfect way to live leaving the heart in far corners all over the world. But can you imagine the pain when you come back home? You dream about those islands, you desire those beaches, you miss the people and recall your breakfasts, dinners and lazy lunches next to the sea. This time, I miss you, Limassol!

Cyprus wasn’t an exception and stole my heart right when I opened my eyes on the island. Five-day city-break was a special present for my birthday from my boyfriend.

And Cyprus became my 35th country and a first island I had ever lived on

Honestly, I am trying to find the proper words that would be able to describe the magnificence of mornings when the bird songs woke me up and the sea view was a pleasant award to my morning carrot pies.

Everything was a stolen piece of perfection

People were incredibly nice always asking about you, giving unique tips, offering discounts and involving you in conversations with other strangers. I felt the vibes of the East, where people are relaxed and supportive, joking and laughing a lot. It would be not surprising, that the island, despite a quiet season, was already crowded with Russian-speaking tourists and British, who bring the biggest income to the tourism section.

sunsets in cyprus

Temi and I stopped in a well-known port city of Limassol that easily becomes an epicenter of parties, summer shows, and crowded beaches during the high season. It has plenty of activities to offer: from water sports and sailing to hiking in mountains nearby and drifting, as well as a rich variety of restaurants representing local cuisine, that is pretty similar to a Greek one, and small nice bars with popular Cypriot music.

People know how to make you drink till you get totally wasted, so keep an eye on it!

sunsets spots in cyprus

port of limassol

The port of Limassol is a nice extension of the city beauty

It gathers hundreds of small fishing boats that with first morning rays conquer the open sea, and luxury yachts, that impress tourists with design and enormous sizes. I think that is a place where I spent long hours watching the sunsets every day with a glass of good concentrated red wine. The evening reminded me of my summer adventures in South America. The sky color was the one I saw overseas – from deep purple to bright pink. I am too addicted to the sky.

best sunsets

sunrise views in cyprus

The street art in the middle of the old town was my little discovery while hanging out. Most of the graffiti were portraits of fantastic creatures and fitted very well the hipster cafes nearby.

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My other addiction are beaches and the sea vibes. I wouldn’t rank Limassol in this category at all, while the beaches are super narrow, full of sea trash and are made out of the black artificial sand. Poor nature 🙁 However, the Promenade  – the park along the seacoast deserves lots of romantic photos and classical music. The bridges lighted up during the night lead to the sea, where you can easily enjoy the sunrise or the sunset.

promenade park limassol

places to visit in limassol

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