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1) Pros, cons? Who cares?

Just stop it! There will never be the best or the worst option. Something will always run out of control, there are will always be not enough money, it will always be too late or too early. But who cares except you? Noone. I do not like to repeat well-known phrases but I just can not avoid it “It’s better to regret what you have done than what you haven’t”. So why do you reschedule it all the time? Why can’t you go and read that book, sign up for a new sport, learn a language, quit your job, book tickets and fly? And then go out at night and breath it, breath freshly, like for the first time, breath like never before.

Never think what was good or bad. Your heart and intuition will help you next time. You will be more experienced. That counts, not pros.

2) Change your place

There is no better way to become out-bubbled than to change your lifestyle. Were you born in a village? Move to the city. Do you study in capital? Move to the neighbor country! Do you study Spanish? Stop reading that annoying grammar book, just go to Spain, find a girl/boyfriend and practice it. Get drunk, go to the club, feel the rhythm of the nation, feel the beating heart. Have you already done it? Good for you, go further. Change it. Fly to the Latin countries, meet dealers, dance samba, practice your Spanish, if after tequila and rum it is still not advanced.

3) Priorities! Always and forever!

Sit and write down what is most important for you! Friends? Family? Money? Work? Maybe, balanced life? Don’t give a damn about it. Emotions! Memories! Repeat it billions of times until your little brain starts growing and your heart starts beating like crazy. That is what matters. Stories about your tattoo that your grandchildren will listen near the fireplace. That is an insane escape from criminals in unprivileged areas. That is your hot dances with strangers. That is a night when time and names had no meaning. That is a night in a tent when you counted the stars with your beloved. Stories matter. Tears and laugh matter. Your sweet granddaughter will never ask you how much you earned the day before, how impressive your CV looked and how many companies wanted to give you a multisport card. Live for the feelings.

4) Opportunities are everywhere. You are an idiot if you don’t see them.

Wipe your eyes. What do you see? Honey, that is called a wall. I don’t blame you, just sympathize. You were raised like that, stereotypes were stronger than your mind, media taught you that world is full of aggressive people, wars, poverty, drugs and fear. That’s truth. It’s brutal. It’s scary. It’s unjust. And yes, babe, that’s the point – it creates you. Go and face it. You are going to  find people like you, who share your values, who love you, who want to break that damn wall with you.

Maybe later I will give you a list of all “opportunities” that can help you to move and start thinking wider, but for this moment I want you to go and look for these “chances” by yourself. The world is full of (let say) generous people that are kind of eager to give you money for free. Nope, it’s not a lottery (however, you can always try), but all those scholarships, grants, programs for leaders, for little geniuses, for start-uppers. They can sponsor your escape from routine just because you are a black sheep. Paradox. Who cares, they like it.

5) You were given legs and tongue not for sitting and being silent.

Before you quit your super interesting and motivated job, before you completed your prestigious Master degree and write 50-page diploma research, go and ask friends and relatives, who have seen the world a little bit. (Hope, not everyone in your life is zombies) Ask your best friend Google not “Where to go for the date?” or “What to cook for my son for school” but “Conferences for economists (just because 80% of the population is about to join these group of stereotyped machines) in Swiss”, “Family free events in Malaysia” or “How to learn surfing in Caribes by myself”. You can be a little bit less ambitious, of course, and start with your continent. However, if you read me and listen to what I say, soon enough you will be tired of monotonous countries.


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