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Most of the times budget travelers don’t have an enormous amount of money on mobile account or credit card, so the use of the internet becomes limited to wifi spots. Thanks to this hi-tech world we can take advantages of a lot of apps:


Don’t even ask me why. You must have it. This is an offline map of any area with all restaurants, parks, museums marked. It can also plan your walking road or car ride. If not that app, I would be already lost in the jungles of Amazon

Momondo, Skyscanner, and more!

Best prices on the flights from every corner of the world. Thanks to the second one I managed to get my tickets to Brazil at a really low price.

www.esky.eu – A competitor of Skyscanner!

www.momondo.com– I used it a lot for South America. Some say it is good for Europe.

If it happens you are lucky enough and don’t have a 9-5 job, go to

www.fly4free.com and select the USA and search for flights to Europe.

Couchsurfing and Workaway

Couchsurfing doesn’t need an introduction. It is something that has been saving my life for years now and has brought amazing human beings. You are hosted by locals, you dive into their culture and you simply discover how it is to live like them.

www.workaway.info– work and stay for free! Volunteering, or helping the kids, or teaching seniors, or taking care of elephants. And trust me sometimes you can be provided with the high-class accommodations. Pure luck!

Airports are comfy! 

c’mon nice view, fluffy chair, the sound of the turbines, you can easily sleep over at the airport before or after your flight. Check this page www.sleepinginairports.net for the airport comfort!

Airbnb, Hostelworld, Booking.com, Expedia

The cheapest and most beautiful flats all around the globe. You can get a hostel room for 5€ and have fun with your roommates.

BlablaCar, Uber, Bolt and other car-sharing apps

It really depends on a country you are in. Most of Europe uses BlablaCar, however some Spanish parts or German use their local sites to get the rides.

Use my Uber discount to get your first ride even cheaper – darynap21ue

Bolt is a bit cheaper option. The same, download it, put promo code and get – 50% for the first ride.



Awesome app for getting to Uni on time using public transport. The minus is – all the cities that I live in haven’t been added yet. But if you happen to live in Berlin, Barcelona, or Paris – get it as fast as possible!

Get creative and make your own digital world map of “Been Countries”

Countries Been is a tool that will help you to mark all the countries, cities, towns you have ever visited!

been appDuolingo and Hello Talk

If you are a fan of new languages you probably already have these apps. Hello Talk connects you with other people all over the world who you can practice your language with. A really good way to find new friends.

Pons and Google Translator Offline mode

Some people still don’t know that you can download translators and use it whenever you want. Pons has more advanced translating options and more useful for those learning the new language.


A funny story happened to me. I started using this well-known app for lonely people in Brazil when I was simply bored. I was amazed by how easily you can find local who can show you many beautiful places in the city. The advantage is you can explore and make friends even in Africa. Disadvantage – you can fall in love.


For people who love to have everything under the control. It helps you to track the money expenses.

plane view on the city


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