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In my worst dreams, I could not imagine myself being locked at home with no ability to go and travel. Lack of money, time, visas processes might stop us from going to specific countries but at the end of the day, traveling could always be managed if you do it smart and safe money. Yet quarantine hit the globe and it’s not a joke. While people are struggling at home, others can not even get back home. Coronavirus hit us and locked us down. But remember, we will get out from it being stronger and fearless.

Anyway, we have to use this time and get better, get healthier, smarter, more relaxed and calm down.

Top 25 Ideas for Isolated Travelers!

1. Plant! Yes, planting kills time, relaxes, and bring some greens to your small world. Even when on quarantine at home you can still find small plants in a local supermarket or seeds, and just plant it all!


2. No seeds to buy? Clean the plants you already have. Cut the dry leaves. Clean the pots. Add soil. Water them:)


3. Board games! You can order them on Amazon for less than 12€ and just have fun with your roomies.


4. Smoothies! When else would you have a better time to take care of your nutrition. Google ‘Top 10 tastiest smoothies on the Earth’ and make a new smoothie every single day.


5. New cuisine every day! Plan a Vietnamese day – make that Pho for a lunch! Plan an Italian day – bake pizza together! Try Polish or Ukrainian day – make dumplings by yourself! And tag me on your cooking Stories!


things to do when home cook at home


6. Cartoons and cacao! Make a night full of cartoons, cookies and cacao (just don’t forget to get that workout done next morning!).


7. Organize your travel photos on the laptop. It might sound like an energy-consuming and boring activity, but No! It’s pretty cool to go back in time and recall all those small moments that you have forgotten about.


8. Photoshoot at home! If you are a traveler who loves taking photos then it must be challenging to be at home where you have no jungle or waterfall on the background. Take that challenge and come up with creative photos at home. Get a photo of you backing those cookies, planting the plants, making puzzles.


9. By the way, Puzzles! Order on Amazon and you will kill not one quarantine day!



10. Plan a next post-Coronavirus trip. Sounds like it’s the worst time to think about traveling yet it’s amazing to research more about your dream destinations. Find out how to get to Tierra del Fuego, or what’s needed to hike Ecuadorian volcanos, or how to volunteer in Africa.


11. Don’t forget that quarantine days can be used productively! Online courses. Make the most of the time when home! Master your photoshop skills, film editing, negotiations, social media marketing and so on! A number of platforms (Coursera, edX, Hubspot) offer free courses!


12. Get an audiobook on Audible and listen to some travel novels while cooking your Bolognese pasta.

13. Spoooorts! I think that a thing that kills travelers the most when sitting at home is the lack of sports and movements. Yet now we have a boom of home workouts. You can get them for free and sweat not less than when running along the beach or forest. I am personally using Mo&Mace and about to start training with Allison and Twitch as well. They are hosting dance work-outs every Mon, Wed, Fri.

do sports when home

14. Master your language skills! So on your next trip to Mexico or Australia, you are don’t struggle with vocabulary!


15. Make a list of 2020 plans and achievements! It’s always way better to set an exact day when you want to achieve that goal! Remember that beach body or French fluency that you were planning on?


16. Collect old clothes that you used to wear when you were 15 and donate it after this Coronavirus madness is over.


17. Pillow fight?


Don’t forget about my post about Top Travel Books to Read!


18. Research a tattoo sketch that you wanna make this year. Or dye your hair in a new color with hair chalks!


19. What about researching a new remote job? Start your freelancer profile on Upwork or Freelancer. Start sharing your skills with the world, get paid and travel even more after the quarantine at home.


20. Watch finally those ’30 Movies To Watch Before You Die’. Make a list of the movies you loved and share it with me! And maybe not only with me!


21. Books? I know that you might be reading all day long. But what about writing a book? Or travel diary? Have you noticed how many details from our trips get blurred and we only remember those views and smiles thank to InstaStories? Save those memories on a paper or in the notes on your laptop.


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22. Learn those dance moves! There are tons of tutorials on YouTube with cool hip hop, afro, or twerking moves. Get them today! and shake your bootie when you get on the dance floor after the home quarantine days!


23. Cocktails! Go to the nearest supermarket, get the ingredients and learn how to make a Margarita or an Espresso-Martini (my fav one!) or just experiment with it! But careful – might be addictive so take some days off!


24. Learn how to make Latte Art! Get a Milk Foam Maker on Amazon and experiment with your hearts and flowers on the morning coffee!


25. Cook your family meal! Call your dad, mom, grannies and get that recipe of delicious pancakes, baked fish or carrot cake!


2f. Support others! You are not alone in it! We all are struggling, we all wanna go out and see our friends! Just calm down and FaceTime them. There is nothing bad about calling tour friends and saying that you are tired, you are bored or annoyed.

#StayHome #StayReal

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