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15-16th July Amazon Prime Days 

Who doesn’t like the discounts more than backpackers who adore to travel and try to minimize the costs of it? I think I am the person who can sell the soul for travel gear and inspirational books on sales. 

So this is the day when Amazon Prime opens its doors for us!

But, I know what you think.

– Dari, I would need to pay for Prime Membership. I am out. 

So here you go. if you have student status and most of my you do. Then just sign up for Prime Student 6-month Trial by using your student mail or ID!

Yes, nothing can be easier than that. Free deliveries, fast shipment, and thousands of awesome books.

Follow this link and register for FREE.

The Amazon Team will verify you within 5-6 days so you have to hurry up so to be on time for Prime Days that will last only 48h hours 15-16th of July.

What if you are not a student anymore but still want to use the discounts I am listing for you?

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

And, man, if you register today, you will be able to use the Prime Days discounts without paying for the membership because you have 30 days for FREE.

Catch the list of the items I am going to order!

These links are affiliated so by using them you help me to produce more useful content for you, guys!



1. Wireless Earbuds, Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.0

Most of you probably know that I always dance on the street when hitchhiking. Waiting for a driver to pick you up might be pretty time-consuming and boring unless you hear the beats of your favorite songs.

And as I am clumsy, I have been looking for waterproof earbuds for reaaaaaly long. So yes, if you wanna stay on the safe side, these earbuds might be for you.

2. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

For me, honestly, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing how many kilometers I have danced during the night. Or how long I was walking through the streets of Paris or Barcelona. And then being completely satisfied I go and get that big tasty pizza, I sit on the ground and chat with my travel mates, Couchsurfing hosts, or just some strangers.

So I came across this Fitness Tracker that has a pretty good price and tracks your heart rate, body state, and rhythm of running. I am sure it will be useful during my next hitchhiking trip.

fitness tracker3. OMORC Sports Water Bottle 1L

Hydration, babe! You better starve than run out of water. When backpacking, you need a bottle that will be reliable, unbreakable, and light. I have found this one and fell for it because you can even add fruits inside if it! that can be your best 10 euros spent.

4. Collapsible Silicone Water Bottle

I had this water bottle for ages! Till I lost it in a brave hitchhiking adventure somewhere between Romania and Serbia. But It is just the best invention ever. You literally collapse the bottle once you finish all the water. It’s the best option to save space in your backpack and plus it is flexible in its forms so you can easily squeeze it in any pocket or a bag.

5. Spacesaver 8 x Premium Travel Roll Up Compression Storage Bags for Suitcases

I am so so far from being minimalistic. That is why I always struggle when moving from a country to a country. I used to have suitcases, backpacks, bags, and those tiny plastic bags everywhere. And then I look like a desperate homeless hippie… But well. Thanks to smart people, we have something to save us. I love these bags! They do reduce space. And they do help packing!
6. Kindle Paperwhite

A book a day keeps sadness away. Yes, if I feel like having an upset mood, burn-out, tiredness, or just willing to disconnect, I grab a book, juice, and sit outside in a hammock. But when traveling I gotta be as light as possible, and moreover, I am so clumsy that every paper book would get destroyed by water on the very first day of the trip. So when I got my Kindle, I knew from now on I will never be bored on the trains or on the beaches again.

7. Qipi Camera Bag – Sling Bag Style Camera Case Backpack with Modular Inserts & Waterproof Rain Cover

And one more way to stay light and compact on the road, especially if you are a photo lover and have to drag your cam with you! Yes, you sill have to try to go minimalistic and not to use 10 wires and chargers, but a good backpack is a must! I love bags that have millions of pockets, cause otherwise all my small items get to the black hole and we never see each other again.


Enjoy it, traveler!

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