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How many memes about 2020 have we seen so far saying it was the worst year ever? Saying that we better forget, remove, delete it from our memory? How many times has your brother, sister, boyfriend, colleague, complained about this 2020?

And definitely, 2020 took the lives of many and kept loved ones apart but like any other year, we had to do our best and keep positive vibes, a smile on a face, and keep conquering the mountains and making the dreams come true. 2020 was a bit hard to stay on the road non-stop and I lost over 15 flights that still have not been refunded, but no one has canceled fun and the party has to go on. 2020 has opened for me one of the most important doos – work from home, or as I say, work from wherever your home is.

Thanks to that, my home was in Lisbon, and in the southern city of Sagres, where surfers from all around the world come to, in Neapolitan pizzeria, in old stunning Seville, under the Fuerteventura sun, and in a surf camp on Lanzarote. And with this list down here, I want to inspire all of you to make the most of every single day, even if the year is not the best!

2020 Lockdown quarantine


My First-Times-Ever in 2020

1. Entered the volcano crater on Lanzarote

2. Rode Jet Ski in Badalona, Catalunya.

3. Pierced my ear (twice!)

4. Went camping (it’s been on my list for soooo long)

5. Rented a scooter wit my driving license on Menorca (never rented anything before on my name! hahaha)

6. Drove that scooter! And everyone survived 🙂

7. Free rode a horse in the mountains close to Barcelona

8. Went snorkeling in Costa Brava

9. Got drinks in the cave with a bar and a club on Menorca

10. Stayed in a hotel for the first time in 5 years on Menorca

11. Got my flights canceled (numerous times)

12. Went rock climbing along the Costa Brava coast

13. Got my first gin-tonic (used to hate it so much)

14. Learned wakeboarding in Castelldefels

15. Went parasailing in Barcelona


16. Have checked the last Balearic island – Menorca!

17. Photoshoot for the local eco-brand Maison Cactus in Catalunya!

18. Volunteered for the refugee camp in Barcelona

19. Stayed in a hospital for 3 days

20. Road-tripped around Andalusia

21. Got a skateboard

22. Learned surf skating

23. Tasted Port wine produced in 1998 (the year I was born)

24. Hitchhiked in Italy at 11 pm

25. Watched the kiters in Tarifa after a 9-hour hitchhiking trip across Andalusia

26. Tried homemade rum in Naples

27. Kissed in a cliff cave on the Lanzarote Island

28. And maybe one of the most important things. I became even stronger, even more self-confident, even more unstoppable than ever before.


And I hope with each year the list will grow longer and longer and I will be able to make even more small and big dreams come true. And just set yourself a reminder – doesn’t matter how 2021 turns out to be, make the most of it Bad year is just your imagination and inside of your head. Now it’s time to switch it and finally live the dream, watch those sunsets, believe in one another, conquer the hills and maybe, just maybe get even more first-time-ever’s!


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