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Podcast: Travel Out-Bubbled Stories

What is it like to be a female solo traveler and moving to the 5th country by the age of 22 – challenging, yet adventurous!

Let’s deep dive into the magic of cheap trips across Europe. Studying for free. Living cheaply. Hitchhiking. Volunteering and traveling the world.

In my travel podcast ‘Travel Out-Bubbled Stories’, I am giving you my best tips on saving money and tricks on how to travel to Europe. I interview my friends who have succeeded to go studying abroad and backpack around Europe and the whole world!

Stay #out_bubbled

E. 15 Nigerian Traveler & How to Travel Western Africa Safely

EP. 14 My Quarantine Resolutions & How I’m Surviving in Spain

E. 13 Responsible Volunteering or How Not To Help People in Brazil, India, Uruguay, and Argentina

EP. 12 10€ Scandinavia Trip – Top Travel Tricks!

EP. 11 Business Case – The Biggest Volleyball Community in Barcelona

EP. 10 My Book “Woke Up In The Balkans” – Why? How? When I wrote it?

EP. 9 My 5 Homes in 5 Countries – Ukraine, Poland, Brazil, Germany, Spain

EP. 8 Study Branding In Sweden and Poland, While Having an Internship In Italy

EP. 7 How To Live in Spain For FREE – Barcelona Experience

EP. 6 How To Motivate Yourself To Try New Things When Traveling, Self-Awareness

EP. 5 Become a Digital Nomad – From Italy to Australia As a Remote Worker

EP. 4 How a Ukrainian Girl Became an American Student, Marketing Director in Paris, and Created Her Fashion Brand

EP. 3 Moving to Germany to Study on a Scholarship

EP. 2 Challenges of Moving to a New Country. From Slovakia to Sweden, and from Ukraine to Brazil

EP. 1 Let’s Meet! Dari Poli – Travel Blogger of Out of The Bubble Blog