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I feel like 20s is one of the wildest periods in everyone’s life. That the decade when you try to make your way in this world. You try to make your childhood dreams come true, then you hit reality. That is the moment when you learn coking something besides pasta with the cheapest bolognese sauce bought in the small supermarket somewhere in your hood. You learn how to share a flat, clean your shit, graduate the university after lots of failures and how to deal with a hangover on Monday morning.

Yet, it is one of the most beautiful periods in your life when you don’t care about what people might think, or how your boss will react. You just live the moment having unpredictable fun. So I came up with a list of 30 things that you don’t wanna before you turn 30! Here we go!


1. Live abroad

You are not a fully grown-up man if you have not tried to move all your useless stuff abroad, open a bank account in a language you don’t speak, try to apply for a scholarship, squeeze your budget and decide if you need more breakfast or another party shots on Friday. Life abroad is something that pushes you out of your comfort zone. In your 20s, try it even for a couple of months using FLEX, Erasmus Programs, Fullbright, or just moving for a job.


2. Go on a road trip

One of the cheapest ways to travel across your own country or region – just grab 4 more friends and go exploring some cities or national parks by car. I have done a couple of car trips across Ukraine with my family when I was a small girl and I still believe those trips were the best ones. And the best thing is you can stop whenever you see something beautiful or interesting  – so no itinerary, no rushing guide, no hurry.


3. Learn a new sport

Sometimes we stick to the sports that we used to do when we were small. We believe that this is our passion and there is no reason to try a new one Yet, I really recommend you never say ‘no’ to any new sports that your friends try to drag you into. The worst that can happen, you will not like it. But what if you find a new hobby and meet new people who will show a new different world?


4. Hitchhike at least once

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t put it down – Hitchhiking is the best experience of freedom you can get in your 20s! You just stand on the road and believe in the kindness of humankind. Time, schedules don’t matter. You just stand and smile waving your cardboard. Then you jump into the car and the amazing talk begins. Strangers not only make a great gesture of generosity but share their wondrous stories with you, show photos of the kids, invite to stop for a cup of coffee, and bring you even closer to your destination. You may not want to travel only by using hitchhiking. But you definitely need to try it once.


hitchhiking with friends

5. Become an Erasmus Student

Or any other exchange student. One year in a new university, living in a dormitory, meeting people from all over the world and making the parties worth remembering.


6. Volunteer

European Volunteering Service, AIESEC, Volunteering in the USA and dozens of other programs offer free volunteering programs, So it is way easier to go abroad, live for free, help a local community, and meet new people while learning a new language.


7. Learn a new language

Yes, yes yes! Especially if you are a native English-speaker! Don’t think that all the world can communicate in your language, then you don’t have t try to learn a new one. Learning a language opens up a new world and trains your brain. I have learned 4 foreign languages and I feel like it’s not enough. There are so many more beautiful languages to learn and perfect. Moreover, you will have something to show off with and flirting in a new language – what can be sexier?


8. Couchsurf

You may laugh, but sleeping on someone’s couch can be an unforgettable experience. And I will help you to keep it safe and fun!

coucsurfing in germany


9. Get to your dream music festival

This one is on my to-do list! But dancing all day all night to the beats of your favorite bands must be wonderful! And you can meet so many like-minded people, sing with them, dance non-stop, camp, cook and enjoy the festival life.


10. Cross the ocean

Yes, life across the ocean is different – new attitudes, new customs, new languages, new nature. And I highly recommend you start saving money on a backpacking trip on another continent! That will be a trip of a lifetime! And it doesn’t have to be very expensive – there are a lot of ways to make it a cheap adventurous trip.


11. Hike a mountain

In your 20s, try to appreciate nature as much as possible. Many say there is nothing better than exploring cities and partying all night long, but that is so much not true. National parks, mountains, canyons, fast rivers, and abandoned beaches can give you feelings of another level. So if you don’t know how to combine wild city life with a chill hike to mountains, reach out to me, and I will customize a trip for you!

Montserrat national park


12. Share a flat with flatmates

Great way to grow up! And a great way to find best friends. If you go abroad, it is way cheaper to share a flat with some young people, share costs, and have lots of fun together. If you have an option to live in a dormitory during your student years, use it!


13. Visit an island

Another advice for your wild 20s is to go traveling for months. Take time off from your school and make a gap year full of adventures. Visit islands, surf the ways, party in the beach clouds, meet locals, learn local specialties.


island life


14. Go backpacking in Europe

You will never regret of a gap-year in Europe. Europe is so diverse and can surprise even an experienced traveler. Denmark and Norway are nothing like Spain and Italy. Poland and Ukraine differ so much from Iceland and the UK. Every small country in Europe is full of stories, tasty food, and welcoming people. And try to visit not only Paris, London, and Amsterdam – but also get out of your comfort zone. Go Montenegro and Luxembourg. Go Latvia and Slovenia. Meet people of Albania and Lichtenstein. Try the food of Bialorus and Portugal.


15. Volunteer to help animals

Search for some local organizations and shelters that help animals, learn how you can contribute, and maybe these 2-3 hours per week will make the world a better place.


16. Dye your hair

Remember how much you wanted to go red when you were 12? Well, I guess there is no better time for it than now. Or get that tattoo! Experiment with your appearance and don’t feel sorry for it.


17. Attend LGTB+ parade

That is just a WOW! So much happiness, so much love, so much support. LGTB+ parades are my all-time favorite celebration and it just means how friendly and kind people can be when there are no prejudice and borders.


18. Become an expert in one delicious meal

A great pasta cook? Or an extravagant fish baking recipe? Carrot cake with your mom’s secrete ingredient? Or a simple BBQ? Try to get better at one meal and surprise your friends and family with the divine meal.


19. Surprise your family with a visit

Can you imagine their tears of happiness when you unexpectedly appear in the house?


20. Go sand surfing

Also, on my to-do list but I am dying to try sand-surfing! That will be spectacular.


21. Go sailing in a boat

That is a beautiful feeling of being in the sea and conquer it under sail. A feeling of not belonging to any land, to any country. Just you, your people, and water.


22. Try snorkeling

All water activities are so breathtaking and show us the world that humankind has not inhabited yet, The world of sea creatures that we just can’t see standing on the ground. Beautiful world!



23. Re-connect with a friend from your childhood

Just give him or her a call. Let’s make it a decade of bridges, not walls!


24. Visit a desert

A place where life hardly exists. I visited a desert for the first time on the Canary Islands and was overwhelmed with this miracle: nothing but only snakes and mice in the dunes of sand. And the live creature is the wind. The only owner of the great desert.


25. Stay in a club till the lights go on

Live the moment! Dance like no one sees you. Dance like there is no tomorrow. Live like you are a king!

dancing in spain


26. Learn more about your family

Take time to learn more about your roots. Where you coming from, who were your ancestors, what languages they spoke, and what struggles they had. Trust me you will be pretty shocked by the stories your family or friends can tell you. And who knows, maybe you will discover another home across the ocean.


27. Spontaneously go on a trip

Buy a ticket and go somewhere without overthinking it, without a plan, without any to-do lists.


28. Plant a tree

Impact the world, because you have no other planet to live on. Plant a tree, water flowers and just be thankful for this amazing nature we can witness every single day.


29. Adopt a puppy/ a kitten

I am all for adopting rather than buying a pet for thousands of euros. There are already pets who lack home and love. Why not give him a roof?


30. Donate blood

Something that we take for granted and others could die for. It costs you nothing but can save someone’s life one day.


31. Fall in love

Interesting a to-do item in your 20s, but I guess life would be a waste of time without love. So don’t fight it and if you fall for someone, enjoy every second of loving and being loved.


32. Organize a surprise birthday party for your friend

And don’t forget to record his or her face when he or she enters a room full of friends, family members, and smiles!


33. Talk to strangers

If you are an introvert, take it as a challenge to exit your comfort zone and just greet a person in a supermarket and start a small-talk. Open up to strangers. Trust the unknown. And smile! It will open up others to you!


34. Help a person in need

Do you remember a homeless person on your street? An old man who lacked 5 cents for a bottle of milk? A lost kid who was crying?

Even if you are in a rush, even if you have a place you need to be at, stop! Stop and help! We all have limited time on the Earth so why not ease the pain of someone?


35. Wake up under the stars

Maybe my favorite one… But once you see a Milky Way lying on the grass, on a beach or somewhere in the mountains – your life will not be the same.


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