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Volunteering is quite a troublesome thing to do. There is nothing to refrain you, no salary, no rest, no material benefits. If you work with kids, they won’t only smile, laugh and reply “thank you” to every afford you do. You are quickly plunged into the severe reality. The only way to survive their weeping, biting, swearing is just to accept and love. Without any love and determination do not do that. You will be struggling anyway.

Each day is different. One day 4-year kids would play with toys quietly, helping each other to dress and feed them, and the next day they would rip the doll’s hair out and throw it out of the window. Ten minutes later they would dance altogether and hug you. You will just watch them with enormously big eyes glancing at teammates with a hope to find support. The only thing you will see is that they are trying to escape the rain of toy cars and robots.

The mood is unpredictable, spontaneous and heartfelt. That’s the most beautiful! That’s what should you wake up every day and make you brew cheap Brazilian coffee before you can even open your eyes.

Despite all, they are waiting for you. These Brazilian children spend all day waiting for you to pick them up, to tie colorful shoelaces and to repeat for the hundredth time “One, two, three..” Girls will laugh, boys will scream, but when you hear gentle whisper “Four, five”, you should know – you have achieved a lot! The happiness is even bigger and deeper as you know that these Pedro, Mariana or little Camille are someone’s kids and you are just about to change the picture of the world in these small heads.

The best thing in all of it is communication with little fidgets. You quickly find out that the word apple can be shown in 10 different ways and all letters can easily be drawn upside down with three pencils simultaneously. 5-year old boys will teach you how to build islands out of chairs and ponds out of the carpet. 4-year old ladies will share every gossip and will tell you why they hate morning porridge more than sugar-free cookies after lunch. And no one cares that you can just have a hunch what all girls’ gestures mean, the only thing they care – you are listening to their stories.

Hours are long and busy. Rooms seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Shirts are dirtier and hair is more unkempt. But more and more pieces of paper are colorful, more and more numbers appear on a blackboard, more and more ‘”Red, brown and blue” are uttered. More and more lives are changed.

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