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On June 20, I started my three-day trip to Brazil. I wanted to make the most of my journey and stop in every city I have a transfer for longer hours. Brussels and Madrid were my destinations of choice. Although the route Cracow-Brussels was not bought in a pack with Brussels – Salvador, I was highly excited to fly with new airlines that are assumed as non-budget.

The first flight to Brussels was made with Ryanair – a company that has been opening the world for me for 2 years already. I highly recommend this airline. Their prices are competitive and the conditions for passengers are appropriate. You can also be randomly set on a seat by the window. The personal is always kind and makes the most of your flight. The minus that all budget airlines have is that they try to sell you everything they can offer despite the hour on a clock. If it’s early morning, late night and the probability of the customers to buy anything is extremely low, Ryanair will turn on the light to the max and will scream in a loudspeaker describing each product. However, I feel that we can’t complain about it paying less than 10$ one way. When a plane cabin is full of potential clients, they take the advantages of it.


24 hours in the magnificent city of Brussels with tons of chocolate and waffles and one more flight to Madrid with AirEuropa. The airplane was evidentially older having torn seats and tables out of service. Take note: the airline doesn’t offer free meals on Europe flights. Some passengers were surprised by this fact so…

Don’t forget to have breakfast before

Madrid – Sao Paulo flight was at night. It was scheduled at 23.10 and tired, sleepy passengers entered the plane. We had a delay – approximately 40-60 mins due to the break of the air-conditioner. It was extremely hot and all passengers were running for the water. I didn’t like the fact that we were sitting first 20-30 mins in anticipation of.. something. The cabin crew didn’t inform us about the reasons for such a long delay.


I was just enjoying my tiny pillow and a blanket given by AirEuropa. So finally when we left Spain and everyone seemed to be sleeping, the light was turned on. It was around 2 am and a crew reminded themselves to serve dinner. Why couldn’t they did it right away when we flew up and most of the passengers didn’t manage to put the earplugs and drew the blankets over their heads? The aircraft didn’t have any computers or TVs so everyone immediately fell asleep.

The aircraft didn’t have any computers or TVs so everyone immediately fell asleep.

But ok, they give you food, don’t complain. Hmmm.. you get a point, but the food was terrible! There was two options chicken with rice or pasta. I took the second one and regretted. The pasta was tough with such strong chemical red sauce. In addition, the portion was so small that I felt pity for men. For the desert, we got .. whipping cream. Don’t even want to comment this.

The situation with breakfast didn’t look better.

Every traveler got a sandwich consisting of bread, salty butter and slices of sausage. The company is going through crisis or poverty for sure. Wish them only luck and deal with it ASAP.
But the cabin crew was nice and friendly until I reached a restroom in a business class and asked a stewardess if I can use WC here due to a long queue in the economic class and an 11-hour flight without satisfying my natural needs. The woman refused aid. With a wave of strong anger in the eyes, I just walked away. And the question is – if the client is the most importing part of the company’s values, why do personal treat them according to the class they paid for? I didn’t ask them to bring me lobsters and 200-year-old French wine but just to use a toilet.


The biggest part of AirEuropa budget comes from economy class tourists’ pockets. Thanks to “poor” travelers they still exist on the market.
My next flight was with Avianca – Columbian airline that operates mostly in South America. They surprised me in the most positive way. The cabin crew was extremely friendly and most of the time joked with passengers complying our requests. There was a group of young people traveling to Salvador for some masterclasses or something like that and were screaming, dancing, laughing all the way. It may hinder somebody to sleep or work but the atmosphere was amazing and it seemed like even strangers were engaged in all talks. I just wish I could speak Portuguese

And in addition – lunch on this 2-hour flight was better than breakfast on Trans-Atlantic one. We got sandwiches as well but with more vegetables inside and everyone could ask for an extra one (what most of Brazilians did). To add, the aircraft had computers for every passenger and we could just enjoy serials, games or music. Really liked the service of Avianca!
Three days from leaving Polish land I finally felt the Brazilian breeze and hot sun! The story in the city of festivals began.

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