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I could never understand bloggers who make rankings of 10 best beaches, of best sea coasts or desired places to sunbath on. It always made me feel like they rate beaches only with Insta likes or amount of FB impression.

Water is the same everywhere, palms don’t change, only prices in bars change and music played in the nearest cafés And then I got it. It took me three weeks of living in the city with more than 10 beaches to understand that each spot has its unique soul created by our imagination and feelings. The same place can mean totally different things to two best friends. Ones you walk at night there, later you share a coconut with a friend. Then you try to surf or find a little turtle on the coast. It all means. Not sand, not water, not lost and found shells but people you were laughing with catching the high wave, children that were building sand castles next you, and a fluffy tiny puppy that stole your flip flop.

Brazilian beachesI don’t want to convince where to go and what to do there. You will never feel the vibes I got once I was there. However, I present you spots by the Atlantic ocean in Salvador and in its neighborhood, where you can create your susceptible memories and, in addition, post them on Instagram 🙂

1) My favorite one – Praia de Itapua ( place Barraca Bora Bora)

Beach is located in the northern part of the city, not far away from the airport. It’s a long white sandy place where you will probably take a tremendous amount of photos sitting on stones, jumping on huge waves, chilling out with kids in a natural pool or just enjoying a cold drink in the bar nearby. The restaurant Barraca Bora Bora is a place that I visited by an accident and it offered chaise-longues, tables, and good music just next to the beach. I wouldn’t mind going to a party there. It must be adorable at night with a view of a lighthouse of Itapua at the background.

beaches in Salvador2) Praia da Boa Viagem

This beach is much closer to many historical sites than the previous one and offers you long beaches with a great variety of small bars and cafes right on it. You will see Forte de Monte Serrat next to you and it really makes you feel closer to the old times when people used to fight for the land and bless gods by the sea.

praias de brasil3) Barra beach

Well-known beach from my previous post and I am sure once you get to Salvador you check it out as a first one. That’s a touristic place where prices grow when your Portuguese proficiency drops. Nonetheless,  evenings and nights are picturesque as always. Guitar players, street singers, smell of popcorn and acai with surfers make the place remarkable.

barra beach in salvador4) Praia da Pituba

Beach is much wider and more open. Here people gather in the summer, party, take dogs, kids and make picnics. Small houses where coconuts are sold seem to be taken away from the Beautiful Destinations page. Worth to visit, but look for unpolluted sand further from the road.Trip to Brazil5) Praia do Flamengo

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to chill out there, cause Brazilian weather welcomed my friends and me with a downpour. However, many say that’s a point where people learn how to surf and show off with their skills later. I assume you have to take a ride there just to check if it’s really cool for such sports.

6) Praia do Forte

I put it at the end of the post because I want to advise this place only to people who read the post to the end, cunning, I know.

I have written a post about this adorable beach, village and natural reserve of turtles. If you have a day-off – GO there! It’s not only a beautiful place with waves, restaurants, and zoo but it’s always a piece of history where a couple of centuries ago Portugals started their trade business with Salvador. Highly recommended!

praia do forte

There are much more beaches to see, more bays to swim in and more ice-cream flavors to try! But please create moments that won’t be in Insta but in stories for your grandchildren!

best places in salvador

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