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Wake up one morning in the city of night mice and capoeira, go to the nearest coffee shop in Ribeira and ride towards the North. There is nothing more pleasant than seeing empty beaches with wild palms nearby. You can explore not one white-sand ocean cast and finally get to Guarajuba. The village where some resorts and Airbnb places took places. Narrow alleys and street traders of hats, necklace and grilled cheese will make you want to find a shell on a beach and take it back home. Old ships and ruined fishing boats create the atmosphere of calmness and arouse your curiosity about the past of every sailor sitting by the bar.

The northern highway will take to the new picturesque village named Praia do Forte. It has a lot to offer. Starting with a long coast with high waves and tall old palms.

Fishermen started the history of this place in the XVI century and soon enough Portuguese turned the fishery point into the store of the goods that were exported from Europe and were heading towards Salvador. Years passed and coconuts and fish industry started attracting families to the ocean. Portuguese colonizers brought from Asia seedlings of palms and locals used them to start a new market and handling.

Today only some scores of boats and old gentlemen with sea tattoos remain at that time. However, the city has gotten a new place to gather tourists – Tamar project. A natural reserve of sea turtles has become a home to four kinds of this animal out of eight known to the world. The institution is protection to turtle eggs and presents some examples of these sea creatures alongside colorful fish like from Nemo cartoon and a shark. She is cute!

When it will get colder and darker explore the main streets of Praia do Forte, go for a dinner to a typical Brazilian restaurant and listen to pop rising songs of Anita. Make the most of your day and enjoy the last hours watching surfers catching the salty waves.  Open a bottle of local wine and let the stars end the day.

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