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Morro de São Paulo is known to all tourists traveling to Brazil in order to find ideal holidays and enjoy the ultimate amount of well-prepared seafood with pool parties at night. All Morro guests dive right away into unreal Brazil full of happiness, samba, and music. Such tourists come to Morro just from the Salvador airport and omit all real life of Brazil.

morro de sao pauloBut maybe this is true life?

Such diversity and all these differences create a daily life of Bahia. You should visit the paradise of long white beaches, restaurants of lobsters and shrimps, try a stand-up paddle, ride a horse or enjoy the evening barbeque with the sky full of stars.

port of morro de sao pauloI came up with an idea to go to Morro de São Paulo with some AIESECers and we chose the hostel “Bed and Breakfast Morro de São Paulo”, the owner of which is my good CS friend. To say that the place of our stay was perfect is to say nothing. Despite the fact, I am not a big fan of spending time in a four-wall room, Paulo introduced all Brazilian traditions in the best way. We all had a chance to learn how to make a REAL caipirinha and were taught some secrets of grilling the perfect meat that we made altogether. In the morning, fresh papaya together with some local pies and coffee were waiting for us. Each of us has his own chance of getting to know the area and enjoy the days to the fullest.

“Bed and Breakfast” was rather a home for travelers than a typical hostel with beds. At the same time French, Swiss, Brazilian travelers stayed there and we could make new friends and share grilled sausages singing Anitta’s songs.

travel to brazil with friends

brazil with friends

morro de sao paulo with friends

Most of us were chilling out on the beach all day long, but some got a chance to go to the village and see beautiful tiny colourful houses, see the sunset from the pool, listen to electronic music on the top of the hill or meet sunrise after not one glass of cachaca.hostels in morro de sao paulo

Morro is a must place to see, a must place to relax from big crowded cities, and a must place to meet some local on the parties, beaches or just at the hostel “Bed and Breakfast”.

morro de sao paulo
Just to add, there are a couple of ways of getting to Morro de São Paulo:

a) rent a helicopter
b) rent a fast private boat
c) catamaran (95$R +)
d) ferry to Itaparica + bus/van to Valenca + fast or slow bout to Morro de São Paulo (up to 50$R)
We chose the last option and witnessed the beautiful nature on our way.


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