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Farol da Barra is a first spot everybody will take you to when you get to Salvador. A long sandy beach, clear salty water, and underwater rocks make this place breathtaking. You might notice that all other beaches could be empty but Farol da Barra will always host couples on a first date, families, surfers or street musicians.

How did that happen?

The Lighthouse that is located by the sea and dates back to XVII century is one of the oldest lighthouses in Americas. Today every tourist can visit Bahia Nautical Museum that is situated in this remarkable place. The Museum features crockery, cutlery and personal belongings of over 400 castaways from the Sacramento galleon. The coast right near the Lighthouse presents a picturesque view of the sunset.

You can easily find street coconut sellers, grilled cheese makers or Bahia jewelry traders. Locals from lower classes try to make money on every tourist selling even beach chaise-longues or umbrellas. Don’t yield to pressure and lay your towel on the white sand.

When the moon comes out of sunshine and higher waves begin, surfers gather on a beach. One by one they show their skills trying to get on the crest of the biggest wave. Each time I see this view, I burn with a desire to run to the first surfer and beg him to take me with him on a desk.

The day seemed to end. Last skateboarders, rollerskaters and evening runners finish their workouts and head back home.

Stars shine brightly at night in Salvador. And that might be a reason for all young people to come out for the parties and dance on the streets, sing songs loudly, flirt with every girl passing by and order one more beer. A new chapter of life has started!

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