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I can’t even describe and explain what makes mountains be so breathtaking and make people fall in love with such natural creations. Everything always starts with hiking through woods and climbing the rocks. And nobody never expects to see enchanting views on the top. Everyone just imagines hopes and dreams. But ones you achieve the top point, the planet stops for a while. Such a small and inessential creature as a human loses its power confronting the power of nature. That’s the best therapy from all your troubles. Nature can teach you how to behave, how to dream, how to think bigger.

Morro do Padre Inacio

I could name Chapada Diamantina as a place of multi-colorful rivers and lakes. The day before, I had a chance to swim in azure water, and the next day presented me golden stream full of minerals and metals. Matthew, the most seasoned Englishmen I’ve ever met, called the river, that has been piercing its way through huge and heavy rocks of the National Park, IceTea. And the name accurately describes the properties of it. With the temperature of 10-12°C, deep bottom and powerful streams, the river makes you feel a small tea bag in the natural mug in the middle of the forest.

Rio Mucugezinho e Poço do Diabo

That is also a place where one more bucket list point came true and my old dream to become a part of a stream was realized. Thanks to a man who was traveling with us I managed to climb on a 3-meter rock behind the waterfall and… jump! Oh, God, indescribable experience. You try to compete with the water flows from dozens of meters, but ones you catch the balance, water embraces you. And you jump.

I was the only one from our group who decided on it. Later we found out that it was a dangerous place for such entertainment.

When we were coming back we swam for the last time in a river pool at the top of the flow. The place was shallow and was intended for children and seniors. However, it didn’t stop us and luckily we found an 8-meter cliff where we could perform even more jumps. That was also my first jump from such height in the natural environment. Feelings overwhelmed me.

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