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We build cities, metropolises, add airports and railway stations to the map. On the weekend we travel to neighbor café or order a pizza from a new restaurant. Our vacations are spent on the same beach but on a new chaise-lounge and with the same cocktail that we drank last year. People however change. This year we are swimming in the same sea but with a new best friend, with a new love of life in a new swimming suit bought for Instagram pics. And we take photos of the same places that we did one year ago.

Why don’t we make more things “for the first time”, why don’t we take off a fancy dress and wear hiking boots with a 10 kg backpack? Why we are amazed by the new menu in a Chinese restaurant more than by a walk with Chinese to the waterfalls. We forgot that world that surrounds our bubble.

Chapada Diamantina is one of the spots where only nature lovers go and people who want to push their limits. We got such an opportunity and traveled to the National Park in Bahia for 2 days. The trip was organized by a travel agency that provided us with a bus, one-night accommodations and with a possibility to have lunches in local restaurants. That was quite unusual for me and I just made certain that I love exploring such places in small groups, in a tent, and with grilled vegetables under the sky. But let’s not talk about my ideal way of exploring Chapada but about Chapada itself.

Caves with blue mineralized water, lakes with transparent water where you can count all fish around your legs and canyons that you can reach with 15 min hike.
I highly recommend you to rent a car and stop everywhere you see an adorable mountain, a tiny tree in the middle of the desert or lizards on the rocks. Become a part of the untouched nature of Chapada.

Lapa Dulce Cave impresses by its size and huge stalactites. Being one of the oldest caves in the world, the Lapa Dulce was created 70 mln years ago, when the water emptied kilometers of routes allowing the natural power to carve caves, lakes and start the process of forming lion-, jellyfish- or owl-looking like stalactites. Millenias have passed and without even the power to understand how long the forests and rivers were hiding from us such wonderland, we pay 30 reals and descend into miracles of Earth.
Pratinha and Blue Grotto are spectacular places as well and represent clean water in the caves. The colors start from the dark brown coast and end with snow white bottom. The color palette in a mix with sunlight makes you feel a painter with a talent to change each stone with the only one touch. Perfection.

You can taste local snacks: caramelized coconut sweets, frozen mango juice with milk, or just order beans with rice and grilled chicken. Simple and tasty.

Chapada is a place where all your childhood dreams can become true. You dreamed of being a Superman – jump from the waterfall, you wanted to be a musician – listen to how water, sand, and leaves create a special song for you. You read stories about astronaut conquering Moon and Milky Way – count all starts in the night!

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