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I am a big fan of spontaneous decisions while traveling. And if it also requires some sports to do, that is just a great adventure that often becomes a bucket list point for me. Morro de Sao Paulo was wonderful and was fulfilling me with breathtaking emotions every minute but when we decided to go for a boat tour between the islands, my heart started beating faster.

Most of us might have expected a wooden boat, the speed of which could max 2o km/hour. In addition, the price was unbelievably low in comparison with European pricing. For only 13 Euros we got an 8-hour trip on a fast speed boat with the pop music turned to the max.

Jumping on the huge waves might be exhausting but the emotions just exploded. The sailor was an easy-going and a fun man who didn’t spare boat motor for us and was wriggling on the full speed between the tiny lands full of fruit trees. We had a lunch on the island of Boipeba that offered long wide beaches and a small village in the thick of the palms.

Later on, we continued a tour to the town of Cairu with some stops on our way. Thanks to my luck I was surrounded by the group of young, wild and free people who were not afraid to jump from the boat to the wild ocean, sunbathe on the narrow wooden masonry or dance on the boat trying not to fall overboard.
That was a moment when I understood that I had always been dreaming of having such a trip!

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