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Have you noticed that we don’t pay attention to street musicians anymore? I am not saying we have to give them money, flowers or cookies, but to stop for a while would be more than nice. I am a big fan of live concerts and street bands. So the first thing I asked locals here was all about fairs, clubs, and concerts.
In Brazil, you can feel music vibes on every street. It doesn’t mean that every day Salvadorians have a holiday and celebrate the sunrise. Café owners just turn on the radio to the max and turn all streets into one big buzz. There are a couple of special places that gather a lot of locals and provide them with an opportunity to sit and dream or to twerk in front of everyone.

funky dancing1) MAM (Modern Art Muzeum)

You don’t need anything else, just jazz, ocean, and sunset. That’s the most picturesque place to sit and enjoy the evening and just to escape the reality of Brazil. People of all social classes, skin colors and nationalities come to enjoy live jazz performance on Saturday evening.

jazz concerts in salvador2) Local fairs

If you had a chance to get to know some locals, they will definitely tell you when and where the local fair will take place. Such events usually are small with a lot of food trucks, craft shops, live music and of course by the ocean.
I had an opportunity to visit such fair, that hosted O Liberato and countless handmade jewelry shops. We took a juice made out of sugar cane and dove into Brazilian night.

live concerts in salvador3) Imbui square

That’s just a place not so banal and well known only for local. It represents a lot of cafes, pubs, small restaurants in the middle of the wide avenue. On Friday and Saturday, local bands or lonely street singers come to make your dinner brighter. You can be lucky and also meet some local actors – men who dress as women and play transsexualists (or maybe they don’t play?). Anyway, the life on Imbui seethes.

4) Rio Vermelho

No point to describe you this place of youth freedom and cheap wine. Just enjoy it and don’t judge all subcultures you will meet there.

salvador night life5) Bars and Clubs

Usually, drinks are way more expensive in clubs so youth gets drunk on the street with wine or in bars. There is a well-known Bar Chupito that often turns on good music. However, the popularity of this place makes it overcrowded with a lot of alcohol poured on the floor. You will also witness some drunk music performances on the main square of RV next to Igreja De Santana.

Gay clubs are a good option for any sexual orientation. If you are a bi- or homosexualist, you will easily find a partner for one night or enjoy good vibes with the beloved. If you are a hetero-, that can be just an awesome chance for you to dance all night long without drawing the extra attention of men and without experiencing undesired flirt.

salvador clubs

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